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Buckeye Yard Cards

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Refund Policy

Buckeye Yard Cards WILL refund your money in full if the following happens:

- You cancel your order at least 24 hours in advance of delivery.
- Extreme weather conditions prevent us from delivering and setting up your display

We reserve the right to cancel an order if we believe that the delivery would be a danger to us or our displays.  

Buckeye Yard Cards WILL NOT refund your money if the following happens:

- You give us the wrong address and we are unable to find your house.
- The homeowner stops us from setting up the display.
- The homeowner calls us and asks us to remove the display.
- You give us less than 24 hours cancellation notice.
- We are denied access to a gated community.
- The owner has an animal on the property that prevents us from setting up the display.
- Any other extreme circumstances beyond our control that would prevent us from setting up a display.

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