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Buckeye Yard Cards

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  •  All signs lead (Name) over the hill!  Happy (Age)!
  • All signs point to (Name) turning (Age)!  Happy Birthday!
  • Caution!  It's (Name's) Birthday!  (Age) & Dangerous!
  • (Name) life is full of detours!  Enjoy the journey!  Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • (Name) is (Age) & still stopping traffic!
  • (Name's) youth screeched to a stop!
  • Caution (Name's) geriatric years ahead!
  • (Name's) youth sped right past him!  Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • Yield 2 temptation....It's your (Age) Birthday (Name)!
  • Let the good times roll!  (Name) is (Age)!
  • (Name) you drive me crazy!
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